The 23rd Psalm

It's often called "The Shepherd's Psalm." In his Treasury of David, a commentary on the Psalms, the 19th century British preacher, Charles Spurgeon, wrote the following powerful words regarding Psalm 23: "It has charmed more griefs to rest than all the philosophy of the world.  It has remanded to their dungeon more felon thoughts, more … Continue reading The 23rd Psalm

Keep Your Pastors Accountable (here’s why & how)

It usually goes something like this: A pastor (or another church leader) says, "I'm accountable only to God, not the church." The first part of that claim is true, but the man has a serious blind spot because the Church is the Body of Christ.  And every pastor (or committee) elected by the Body is … Continue reading Keep Your Pastors Accountable (here’s why & how)

Ichthys (the Christian fish decal)

You've seen it a hundred times. On the rear of a vehicle, on business cards, web sites, clothing.  It seems ubiquitous. It looks like this: The word, Ichthys or Ichthus, originated from a Greek word (ˈɪkθəs) meaning "fish." Without boring you with the history behind this symbol (you can google it yourself), it has, for … Continue reading Ichthys (the Christian fish decal)

Lord, teach me to pray (here you go :))

Years ago, I read an article citing a poll claiming prayer being the most neglected spiritual discipline among Christians, including pastors.  Clearly, Satan sees prayer as a fatal threat to his schemes or he wouldn't try so hard to make us think prayer is not that important or  powerful. But this is a lie. Mary, … Continue reading Lord, teach me to pray (here you go :))

What Price Are You Willing to Pay for Biblical Truth?

A Nugget of Truth from this past week's time of Learning:  John 8-9 What price are you willing to pay to stand up for biblical truth? Take the two most combustible issues of the day:  sexuality & the rights of the unborn. Are you willing to pay the price for biblical truth?  It will cost … Continue reading What Price Are You Willing to Pay for Biblical Truth?