Don’t Read the Bible Through in One Year

I stumbled across this blog by professor, author, and defender of the Christian faith, Sean McDowell, and thought it was brilliant.  Why?  Because Sean offers encouragement to those who, desperately trying to read the Bible through in a year, grow discouraged and quit when they fall behind in the designated schedule. From the article: Why … Continue reading Don’t Read the Bible Through in One Year

A Prayer

A preacher once said, "Satan trembles when even the weakest Christian is on their knees in prayer." Mary, Queen of Scots, said of the Scottish reformer, John Knox, "I fear the prayers of John Knox more than an army of 10,000 men." James, the half-brother of Jesus, wrote, The heartfelt and persistent prayer of a … Continue reading A Prayer

What to do when you and your teen-aged child have drifted far apart

I'm what they call in Student Ministry a "lifer."  Out of the 38 years I've spent in full-time, vocational ministry, 24 of those years were in Student Ministry.  And, for some reason unknown to me, Christ continues to allow me to minister within the Student Ministry arena.  I affectionately refer to Student Ministry as the … Continue reading What to do when you and your teen-aged child have drifted far apart

The Peculiar Planet Known as Uranus

The favorite planet of every middle school boy, right? While astronomers pronounce the planet’s name with the accent on the first syllable, the planet gets a lot of giggles at the expense of the many who place the accent on the second syllable. But, for a moment, let’s move beyond the planet’s name and try … Continue reading The Peculiar Planet Known as Uranus


The Old Testament character, Samson, is a lesson in two overriding biblical principles. (His story is recorded in Judges 14-16) 1) We can waste our life if we want to. However,... 2) With God, it’s never too late to ‘come home’.  (Samson is among those listed in the ‘Hall of Faith’ in Hebrews 11.) Threaded … Continue reading Revenge

Mind Games

As believers, our battle with the enemy begins in our mind. Temptations, doubts, fear, etc., all begin in the mind. One author wisely wrote, “Our feet, hands and bodies follow where the mind leads us. It is in our minds that we remember, we understand, we make decisions and we evaluate truth from fiction... [So … Continue reading Mind Games