The Unwanted Journey

Through a mutual friend, Southern Baptist Executive Committee President, Frank Page, learned of Jordan's recent suicide. Page's daughter, Melissa, took her life, as well. Last year, Frank published a book entitled simply, "Melissa." He sent me a copy with a sweet note. From his introduction: "I'm not over Melissa's death. I admit that. I'll never … Continue reading The Unwanted Journey

Broken? Then You’re Right Where God Wants You.

I visited with a friend yesterday about the stories of Gideon & Samson (their stories are recorded in the Old Testament book of Judges). Possessing polar-opposite personalities, their stories are as opposite as they are similar. In a nutshell, Gideon was a weak man that God made strong. While Samson was a strong man that … Continue reading Broken? Then You’re Right Where God Wants You.

“Blessings” (In Diguise)

My wife, Michelle, wrote this as Christ brought fresh insight/new mercies (written in parentheses) to the lyrics of Laura Story's song, "Blessings."  Below Michelle's post is a picture of us with Laura Story and her daughter.  Laura learned of Michelle's blog and, when doing a concert here in Lubbock, wanted to meet Michelle.   nw   … Continue reading “Blessings” (In Diguise)