Is Christianity Anti-Science?

"...many have come to believe something very odd about Christianity: that it is anti-science, anti-reason, anti-progressive phenomenon fueled by blind faith. That is not Christian faith at all!"  Former atheist, Josh McDowell In addition,  I would encourage the reader to consider McDowell's quote (above) in light of the arguments for God's existence from the myriad … Continue reading Is Christianity Anti-Science?

Suicide and the Bible – Part 2 of 2

After recently reading my  original blog, Suicide and the Bible,  a reader kindly asked a common question: I was reading your "Suicide and the Bible"..and I just have a question. I'm genuinely curious to know what you think about this. So you're saying nowhere in the Bible does it say suicide will send you to … Continue reading Suicide and the Bible – Part 2 of 2