Evil & Guns

EVIL & GUNS I’ve resisted posting about the massacre in Florida until recently as there is no shortage of postings. There is much to say. There is nothing to say. You want to scream. You find yourself unable to speak. Those who quickly politicize the tragedy are foolish and near-sighted. This is first and foremost … Continue reading Evil & Guns

The Faith of Atheism

In Conversations with Carl Sagan, Tom Head records Sagan (astronomer, astrophysicist, and ardent agnostic) as saying, "An atheist is someone who is certain that God does not exist, someone who has compelling evidence against the existence of God. I know of no such compelling evidence." It is no secret that, despite the reasonable evidence, ultimately, … Continue reading The Faith of Atheism

Newsweek: Where Do You Go When You Die?

As I study the biblical worldview of the afterlife (which I'm convicted is true) I'm always curious to see what mainstream culture thinks about it all. So, when I saw this tweeted article - Newsweek giving credence to the possibility of life-beyond-death - my interest was piqued. Most of the article cites what scientists are … Continue reading Newsweek: Where Do You Go When You Die?

He’s Not a Tame Lion

Revelation, chapter 4, begins with the disciple, John, being transported beyond spatial-temporal human existence into the throne room of heaven itself and the eternal presence of Almighty God.  For John, it's an awe-inspiring, terrifying scene as he begins recording for us the drama that will unfold immediately before the terrible judgment of God on a … Continue reading He’s Not a Tame Lion