Nowhere to Run to – Nowhere to Hide.

"Nowhere to run to, baby - nowhere to hide...", sang Martha Reeves and the Vandellas. Despite how secretive you may think you are - God sees everything.  God hears everything.  God knows everything. The Old Testament prophet, Ezekiel, records, "Then the Lord said to me, 'Have you seen what the [corrupt] leaders of Israel are … Continue reading Nowhere to Run to – Nowhere to Hide.

The Devil’s Delusion

I’m bouncing back & forth between Stephen Myer’s ‘Return of the God Hypothesis’ and David Berlinski’s ‘The Devil’s Delusion.’ Myer is a professed Christian. Berlinski is a professed atheist.  I love both of these scholars because they are not merely erudite, but unafraid to have civil discourse with someone possessing an opposing worldview. Berlinski’s purpose … Continue reading The Devil’s Delusion

Christian ‘De-conversions’

What do you make of someone who says, “I used to be a Christian. But I’m not anymore.” De-conversions have become trendy in recent years with celebrities making headlines when they publicly “abandon the faith,” being celebrated by some while being vilified by others. Christian celebrities like Joshua Harris, Kevin Max, Bart Campolo, and Jon … Continue reading Christian ‘De-conversions’

How I Survived the Worst Day of my Life – one more thing…

For brevity, I did not include the following in How I Survived the Worst Day of my Life. But, I believe it bears sharing because it provides greater theological context to how I - and my family - survived. As I was listening to the voice of Jesus that day assuring me of his presence and … Continue reading How I Survived the Worst Day of my Life – one more thing…