When Facts Don’t Matter

In a post-Christian/post-modern culture, facts don’t always matter. Michael Kruger writes, “C.S. Lewis captured this reality well in his book The Magician’s Nephew (part of his Narnia Chronicles). “While Narnia is a land filled with magic—where animals can talk and even sing—not all people can hear them. Indeed, Uncle Andrew cannot. “When the animals speak … Continue reading When Facts Don’t Matter

The Danger of Hurry

Over the decades, I watched something poison our culture.  It's toxic, dangerous.   It's called "hurry." Our cultural pace of life has evolved from the manageable to something that looks more like insanity.  Stress levels have skyrocketed.  Burning out is no longer something the "other guy" is battling.  It now affects all of us. Pastor and … Continue reading The Danger of Hurry

Why Don’t People Like to Go to Church?

  “When someone tells me yet another horror story about the church, I respond, ‘Oh, it’s even worse than that. Let me tell you my story. I’ve spent most of my life in recovery from the church.’” Philip Yancey   “The church is equal parts mystery and mess.” Eugene Peterson   I posted the following … Continue reading Why Don’t People Like to Go to Church?