Keep Your Pastors Accountable (here’s why & how)

It usually goes something like this: A pastor (or another church leader) says, "I'm accountable only to God, not the church." The first part of that claim is true, but the man has a serious blind spot because the Church is the Body of Christ.  And every pastor (or committee) elected by the Body is … Continue reading Keep Your Pastors Accountable (here’s why & how)

Ichthys (the Christian fish decal)

You've seen it a hundred times. On the rear of a vehicle, on business cards, web sites, clothing.  It seems ubiquitous. It looks like this: The word, Ichthys or Ichthus, originated from a Greek word (ˈɪkθəs) meaning "fish." Without boring you with the history behind this symbol (you can google it yourself), it has, for … Continue reading Ichthys (the Christian fish decal)

How to Respond to Pastoral/Church Abuse

Recently, I read an article in USA Today regarding pastoral abuse and felt strongly convicted to write about it.  Over the years, I've heard painful stories told by those who've been bullied by church leaders.  I hope my words here help bring clarity, as well as hope, to the bruised and hurting. My personal commentary … Continue reading How to Respond to Pastoral/Church Abuse