Can God Read my Mind? (You bet he can.)

In Luke’s gospel, he recounts the story of Jesus having dinner with a Pharisee.  After one particular event - with which the Pharisee had serious issues - the Pharisee, although never saying a word, thought to himself how much he thought Jesus was in the wrong. Luke records, When the Pharisee who had invited him … Continue reading Can God Read my Mind? (You bet he can.)

Mind Games

As believers, our battle with the enemy begins in our mind. Temptations, doubts, fear, etc., all begin in the mind. One author wisely wrote, “Our feet, hands and bodies follow where the mind leads us. It is in our minds that we remember, we understand, we make decisions and we evaluate truth from fiction... [So … Continue reading Mind Games

Are we Bodies or Souls?

Emeritus professor of the Philosophy of the Christian Religion, Richard Swinburne, brings to us the following thought, arguing for the fact that human consciousness is separate from mere brain activity: When scientific advances enable neuroscientists to transplant a part of a brain into a new body (think: Frankenstein), does the person's personality/self from whom the … Continue reading Are we Bodies or Souls?