Jesus Was Neither White nor European

Rioters are wanting to tear down statues of Jesus because he is “white and European." Now, I understand some of the reasoning:  some churches have made Jesus white, republican and American.  This, sadly, is true.  But, it's the rare exception and certainly not the norm. Rioters, of course, themselves serving as judge and jury, have … Continue reading Jesus Was Neither White nor European

Racism & the Bible

You’ve no doubt heard about the White Supremacists/KKK Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the violence that ensued resulting in one death and many seriously injured. (Of note, every organization represented in the United States – regardless of how unpopular & hateful their views – has the constitutional right to assemble peacefully and benefit from their … Continue reading Racism & the Bible

“Don’t Bring Black People”

Donald Sterling is the owner (for now) of the NBA Los Angeles Clippers. This past week, a recording of a conversation between Sterling and his almost-50-years-younger mistress surfaced, setting news networks, the sports world, and social media ablaze. Sterling has never professed to be a model of morality. But no one expected to hear what … Continue reading “Don’t Bring Black People”