The Danger of Hurry

Over the decades, I watched something poison our culture.  It's toxic, dangerous.   It's called "hurry." Our cultural pace of life has evolved from the manageable to something that looks more like insanity.  Stress levels have skyrocketed.  Burning out is no longer something the "other guy" is battling.  It now affects all of us. Pastor and … Continue reading The Danger of Hurry

Sabbath: Rediscovering the Rest of God

It’s an interesting hermeneutic.  Within the 10 Commandments, the only commandment that has taken on expanded nuance under the New Covenant is No. 4: “Remember the sabbath day, to keep it (set it apart as) holy.“ According to the Old Testament Law, the Sabbath was Saturday, which is why the followers of Jesus asked if … Continue reading Sabbath: Rediscovering the Rest of God