Why we sing “Joy” and not “Happiness” to the World

Happiness is based on circumstances, joy is based on biblical truth.  In 1943 Nazi Germany, at the time  Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote the quote below, he was under severe persecution from the Third Reich for courageously standing against Hitler. Bonhoeffer’s classic, The Cost of Discipleship, is well-worn on my bookshelf. Bonhoeffer’s devotion to Christ cost him … Continue reading Why we sing “Joy” and not “Happiness” to the World

Can a Christian Become a Non-Christian?

Can a Christian become a Non-Christian? The biblical answer is no. Jesus chose his words carefully. When he used the figurative language with Nicodemus, “born again,” to describe, in human terms, one’s sincere profession of faith in him, he knew exactly what he meant: just as it is impossible for a son or daughter to … Continue reading Can a Christian Become a Non-Christian?

Horatio’s Blindspot

From Christianity Today - April 2020 What Skeptical Scholars Admit about the Resurrection Appearances of Jesus The historical evidence is clear: Those who claimed to see him risen must have seen something. JUSTIN BASS; APRIL 13, 2020 On June 26, 2000, ABC aired a documentary called The Search for Jesus. The network’s leading news anchor, … Continue reading Horatio’s Blindspot

What to Say to a Person Considering Suicide

Here's the scenario... You have good reason to believe (or, at least, strongly suspect) a friend or loved one is considering taking their own life. First of all, should you say anything?  YES.  Always err on the side of caution.  If you're wrong, you've lost nothing.  But, if you're right - you've just might have … Continue reading What to Say to a Person Considering Suicide

To My Fellow Pastors (and fellow believers)

NOTE: I've read MacDonald's book at least twice. But, presently, I am reading the other two books referenced in this blog. And the collective wisdom - and warning - dictated I share it with you, my friends. If Satan wants to take out the sheep, he'll begin with us - the shepherds, Love to you, … Continue reading To My Fellow Pastors (and fellow believers)

Atheism Failed Me – Part 2

Think deeply - and honestly - with me for a moment. (In 2015, I posted a blog titled, Atheism Failed Me.  I further that conviction here.) I just finished reading Bertrand Russell's speech given after winning the Nobel Prize in Literature. Of course, Russell was a brilliant philosopher and avowed atheist, known for his book … Continue reading Atheism Failed Me – Part 2

Stop Trying to be Good Enough

Good works are not required for salvation. Rather, they are evidence of our salvation. Whether it’s being faithful to our spouse, honest in our business/academic dealings, keeping our thought-life pure, being patient behind a slow-as-Christmas driver, or even attending church... These “good works,” albeit moral, don’t “get us into heaven.” Further, by God’s standards, there’s … Continue reading Stop Trying to be Good Enough