All Things Through Christ Jesus

Well, I lost it emotionally this morning as I was leading music. But, the Body known at BHBC lifted me, embraced me, and carried me through the rest of the music portion of our worship service.I really can’t imagine not being among this very special “family” during this time.

A friend of mine who was in the congregations sent me the following note. May it bring just as much peace, strength & joy to you as it did to me:

Philippians 4:13…Nick, I know you know this popular verse…usually it is associated with accomplishing great, noble, or awesome things in our lives and rightly so…however the Holy Spirit revealed another truth concerning this wisdom…as I watched your grief overwhelm you this morning during worship service, for a brief moment I too felt the palpable pain and suffering that you go through every day…I could see how difficult it was for you to breathe much less get words out of your mouth…I was thinking “how can Nick get through that everyday? I feel his pain just watching him and yet this is just the tip of an iceberg!” Then the truth hit me like arrow through the bulls-eye. Philippians 4:13!! When it says ” I can do ALL THINGS through Him who gives me strength”. It is only through Christ’s strength that you are able to endure the unimaginable grief you face everyday. We usually do not think about this verse in times like these, but yet it does not change the fact this verse applies just as much here as any other time. You can get through the grief, the pain, and the suffering through Christ who gives you His strength. My Lord what glorious truth!!! I love you, my brother! Your weakness< Christ’s strength. It’s not even close!

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