Secret Santa

To the individual(s) who rang our doorbell at 10:30pm on Friday night and disappeared into the cold night leaving giant “santa sacks” full of gifts: only in heaven will you know how much joy you brought to the Watts home.

First of all, I want you to know that when the doorbell rang it took me a minute to get to the door because I had to put a shirt on (no one deserves to see me without a shirt at Christmas time, or any other time.)

After we brought everything in and read the note attached, me, Michelle & Macy just sat in the floor and cried (it was a good cry):). We felt like Jesus had been to our door.

What you could not have known is that, although we’d put our tree up a couple of weeks ago, we could not bring ourselves to put the ornaments on the tree since so many of them are directly connected to Jordan. With the help of some friends, we had finished (finally) putting the ornaments on our tree only minutes before the doorbell rang. The Lord’s timing was impeccable. We so needed a “touch” from Jesus at that moment. What He gave us was a huge “I AM here. I’ve got this.” We were on holy ground.

We opened the first gift (per the attached instructions) but actually waited on Kelsie to arrive last night to resume opening the gifts. We’re on schedule now. And it’s something we look forward to every evening.

I may be St. Nick. But you, whoever you are, are Jesus to us.

Merry Christmas, St. Nick

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