Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)

Written by my wife, Michelle Watts, wrote these fresh insights (written in parentheses)  into Chris Tomlin’s chorus he attached to Newton’s “Amazing Grace” in light of he death of our 19 year old son this past May.  nw

“Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)”

Mere words cannot express what I experienced today. I have always thought of these lyrics from my EARTHLY perspective…in terms of my specific sin and being thankful for my salvation “experience.”

But this morning, during the cool-down portion of my workout, the strangest thing happened. As the song started playing, I suddenly had a mental image of JORDAN…

his long, lanky arms,
fully extended out to each side,
fingers splayed,
running through a meadow,
between two snow-capped mountains,
eyes closed,
head tilted to the sky,
spinning around in awe and wonder,
singing these lyrics,

Mom! Guess what?!

My chains (low self-esteem, depression, loneliness, and insecurities) are gone!

I’ve been set free! (I am no longer burdened, restricted by, or trapped in an earthly body/mind!)

My God, my Savior, has ransomed me! (BECAUSE of HIS sacrifice, I am HERE-in THIS place of perfection.)

And like a flood…(it overwhelms and surrounds everything, it fills each tiny crevice, and CHANGES everything in it’s path).

His mercy reigns. (His mercy IS THE THRONE. It CHANGED ME! It is everywhere, and in everything here! There is no place I can go where His mercy isn’t felt physically. I am COMPLETELY loved, and fulfilled).

Unending love… (I WISH you could be here to understand how immense and immeasurable His love FEELS! It’s incredible!)

Amazing Grace… (the riches of Heaven, the hobbies I love, the never, NEVER-ending JOY, the COMPLETE PEACE)…

I found my ‘niche,’and I never have to leave, because…

Jordan - Mountains

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  1. What an amazing God we serve, what a LOVING God we serve! As I have been reading articles about Heaven Is For Real (and I also read the book), 90 minutes in Heaven (also read this book) and thinking about heaven, I realize that the problem is that my view is earthly and not heavenly. When we look at Heaven through a lot of these books they are not necessarily wrong, just from an earthly or human viewpoint. What an awesome God to reveal through His Holy Spirit to Michelle a heavenly viewpoint of a song that He also inspired to glorify Himself and to also comfort Michelle and you and your family. Thank you for being open and sharing what God has and is doing in your life.

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