A Special Note from Lee Strobel (Author of “The Case for Christ”)

We are facing a crisis in America. Skepticism is rising. Too many young people are leaving the faith. Few Christians are able to effectively share Jesus with others. At many churches, reaching spiritually lost people falls to the bottom of their priorities.

This is a crisis we need to confront — urgently!

In my recent “Investigating Faith” newsletter, I said there was a big announcement coming. Well, here it is: we are forming the Center for American Evangelism at Houston Baptist University. Along with my long-time colleagues Mark Mittelberg and Garry Poole, and under the leadership of HBU President Dr. Robert B. Sloan, Jr., we’re launching an exciting new initiative to address these challenges.

Our mission is to bring leadership, vision, innovation, and training to students, pastors, church leaders, and congregations throughout our nation, to help us all regain our focus and passion for fulfilling the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20).

We will accomplish this through numerous strategic efforts: forums for pastors; classes for students; conferences and seminars for church leaders; simulcasts to churches; newsletters and social media; and new curricula that will bring fresh vision and training to Christians and churches all over America.

Said international evangelist Luis Palau:

“I am thrilled to hear about the Center for American Evangelism being launched at HBU, and I wholeheartedly support its leaders — Lee Strobel, Mark Mittelberg, and Garry Poole. They love the Lord, they’re passionate about reaching people for Him, and they are strategic in helping others do the same. I’m confident God will use this new venture in great ways!”

Thank you for your prayers. I’ll keep you posted as the Center develops!

Lee Strobel
Author of The Case for Christ and Professor of Christian Thought at HBU

P.S. Jesus said in Matthew 9, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” Thanks for your help in launching this ministry and equipping more workers to reach people for Chris

There’s a Reason the Bible tells us, “Do not fear.”

Philip Yancey is my favorite author, his books, “The Jesus I Never Knew”, and “What’s So Amazing About Grace”, being my favorites.

I subscribe to Yancey’s newsletter.  His global travels, speaking engagements, and prolific writing make his posts both engaging and inspiring.

The daily news can be fairly scary and depressing.  And, like a master defense attorney, Yancey makes his case that what’s going on in our world (even with ISIS in view) should not instill with Christians a “spirit of fear.” Instead, Yancey cites from his travels this past year example after example of Good News – the type of news we don’t get to see or hear about on the major networks or internet.  In short, what Yancey shares here is first-hand knowledge of seeing the hand of God at work throughout planet earth.  It. Is. Powerful.

Remember, it was Jesus who said, “My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working.” (John 5:17So, even though Satan may work his slight-of-hand, attempting to prevent us from seeing what God is doing in redeeming mankind – it’s happening.  Everywhere.  Not in the spot-light, but just like Jesus ministered in first-century Palestine: quietly, yet thoroughly.  Nothing can stay God’s hand or prevent his pursuit of mankind.  Not even the gates of hell.

As I read through Yancey’s article, I, once again, could “hear” Jesus whispering, “I’ve got this.”

Below is an excerpt from Yancey’s newsletter followed by the link to the newsletter in its entirety.  Read it and, you too, will be reminded why the Bible tells us, “Do not fear.”  Soli Deo Gloria, nw

“Each of these experiences [shared in this newsletter] gave a different glimpse of how God’s kingdom advances: slowly, steadily, and mostly out of the limelight.”