To All Single Moms this Mother’s Day

The other day, as I was helping my wife, Michelle, with a number of errands and chores around the house I couldn’t help but remember my mom having to take care of all of those types of things all by herself – all while raising three children.

Following my parents’ divorce between my 9th & 10th grade years, my mom was quickly forced to find a part-time job she would work every evening after leaving her full-time job for the day.

Beginning that year, when football season was over for me in the late Fall, mom  placed a newspaper on my bed with part-time jobs circled. So, when I went to work part-time at 15 it was not to “help me learn responsibility” but rather to help my mom pay bills.

That first year i worked at our Chick-fil-a in our mall. Mom’s part-time, evening job at that time was at a clothing store in the same mall. She would come down during her break and get a beverage – always upbeat and smiling, no doubt to help me know “everything was gonna be alright.”

But, I knew, even though she tried not to show it, life was hard. I can remember seeing her cry during times she was lonely and times when money was so very short.

In addition to raising us kids and working two jobs, she’s the one who made sure the rent was paid, the cars were inspected & registered and running properly, that all of us kids had money for lunches, take off work and get us to the doctor when we were sick, serve as a literal taxi service dropping off, and picking up, all three of us from summer baseball/softball practices and game.  And, to top it all off, she even continued to cook supper almost every single evening when we all finally got home. I could go on…

I simply wanted all single moms to know that all you do matters – and that you are awesome. And, with all of my heart, I thank you for not giving up. We would’ve never made it without your courage, strength and love.

Only in heaven will you know the full impact of your relentless love shown to us children.