I AM. Trust me.

A Brief Biblical Principle from our class on John 6:1-59:

In John 6:16-24, we find the familiar passage recounting Jesus walking on the surface of the Sea of Galilee.  John doesn’t mince words as he describes the reaction of the tough, weathered fishermen:  “they were terrified.”

Jesus comforts the disciples by assuring them, “It is I; don’t be afraid.”

But there’s more to Jesus’ statement here.  Much more.

The Greek words used for “It is I” are the same Greek words used for each time Jesus proclaims “I Am” throughout John’s gospel.  Using God’s covenant name given to Moses at the burning bush, the Jews knew exactly what Jesus was saying:  “I AM the Word made Flesh, I AM Almighty God.”

Life, under normal circumstances, can be scary.  Add COVID to that and the anxiety of many has gone through the roof.  Regardless of how rough the waters become, listen.  And what you’ll hear is Jesus saying, “I AM here.  I’ve got you. Trust me.”

Fear not, Nick