What Evidence Is There for Christ’s Resurrection?

When responsibly investigating historical events, historians commonly assert, “anything is possible, but we closely examine and analyze the evidence for what is most probable.”

This is the same method for interpreting evidence supporting – or not supporting – all ancient literature and events.

The resurrection of Christ is the epicenter of the Christian faith.  Without the resurrection there is no Christianity.  Therefore, every believer should be able to engage in intelligent dialogue on this topic.

The facts presented in this 6-minute video don’t prove Jesus’ resurrection (keep in mind that no one can disprove it either).  What these facts do is present evidence that makes the bodily resurrection of Christ more probable than those arguments used to refute it.  God has given us mountains of evidence for the Bible being true.  But, not so much evidence that it doesn’t require faith.  “For by grace are we saved through faith…”

To borrow a purpose from New Testament scholar, Jeremiah Johnston, President of Christian Thinkers Society, I use this blog, in part, to teach Christians to be thinkers, and thinkers to be Christians.

Solus Christus, Nick