Jesus Was Not “Meek and Mild.”

Contrary to the passive, unobtrusive figure we tend to learn about in Sunday School, Jesus was often just the opposite. More accurately, this man was fearless.

Consider the following quote:

“Jesus never backed away from a conflict. He took on hecklers and scoffers of every stripe. Once, he stood down a mob intent on stoning an adulterous woman. Another time, when guards went to seize him, they returned to the temple empty-handed: “No one ever spoke the way this man does,” they said, awed by his presence. Jesus even gave direct orders to demons: “Be quiet!” “You deaf and dumb spirit, I command you, come out of him and never enter him again!” Interestingly, the demons never failed to recognize him as the “holy one of God” or “son of the Most High” it was human beings who questioned his identity.” – Philip Yancey; The Jesus I Never Knew

And, this one…

“Someone once said that Christianity is a mild-mannered religion preached by mild-mannered men who are trying to get others to be more mild-mannered. But the Gospels give us numerous glimpses into Jesus that cause us to question the portrayal of “gentle Jesus, meek and mild.” We are told that Jesus is never harsh, yet consider His scathing rebukes to the Pharisees. We are told that Jesus is never angry, let alone violent. Yet He made a whip of cords, overturned tables, and created a small riot in the temple. We are told that Jesus is never impatient, and He never gets frustrated. But such a portrait of Christ doesn’t square with the Gospels. Yes, Jesus was tolerant to some but not to all. – Leonard Sweet & Frank Viola; Jesus: A Theography

This is the Jesus who went boldly to the torture of execution on a Cross, who stared death down, broke the legs and back of Satan, and conquered death.

That’s my King.