I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

I often tell people that, within the context of Christian music, the words of most beloved hymns & carols boil down to this:  those lyrics are someone's story put to music. As with the heart-breaking story behind Horatio Spafford's It is Well, we would do well to familiarize ourselves with the drama that gives life … Continue reading I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

Wall Street Journal: How to Spot Teen Depression

This article from the Wall Street Journal appeared in their May 5, 2018, edition.  For your convenience, the entire article is included here.  Depression is the number one mental condition associated with suicide.  nw How to Spot Teenage Depression New guidelines focus on helping better identify teens who may be struggling with depression, as rates … Continue reading Wall Street Journal: How to Spot Teen Depression

The Dark Night of the Soul

I thought this blog was excellent.... Whether you've been diagnosed as Clinically Depressed, or you simply wrestle from time to time with "normal" depression, you will find this article from Christianity Today to offer an encouraging perspective. http://www.christianitytoday.com/le/2015/february-online-only/3-truths-of-dark-night-of-soul.html?share=u9xFwK%2b5YSsaiQH%2bQlhPrc8Q3Vzxkokc Soli Deo Gloria, Nick  

Robin Williams, Laughter, Depression & Suicide

I had no sooner posted some comments a few minutes ago on Facebook about "getting to know laughter again" following the suicide of my son a year ago, than social media began blowing up about the depression-prompted suicide of comedic giant/genius, Robin Williams. I don't have lengthy commentary to offer here. Only this: if you … Continue reading Robin Williams, Laughter, Depression & Suicide

S.O.S. – A Request for Prayer

Each year, our staff writes letters of congratulations to the year's high school graduates. As I was searching for resources today, I came across the letter I wrote to my son, Jordan, when he graduated high school in 2011. This week, as we approach May 13th, has been horrible. The emotional ambushes are crippling. I've … Continue reading S.O.S. – A Request for Prayer