Robin Williams, Laughter, Depression & Suicide

I had no sooner posted some comments a few minutes ago on Facebook about “getting to know laughter again” following the suicide of my son a year ago, than social media began blowing up about the depression-prompted suicide of comedic giant/genius, Robin Williams.

I don’t have lengthy commentary to offer here. Only this: if you are like me (and my son), and you suffer from depression – GET HELP. See your doctor. See your counselor. Now. Help is readily available from people who have made it their life’s goal to help people like you and me and Robin Williams.

Finally, remember this: Medicine can “fix the brain,” but only the Holy Spirit can “renew the mind.” Find a church, a pastor, a Christian friend, who can help you focus on biblical truth (e.g. Christ loves you; your family & friends love you; suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem; etc.) THERE. IS. HOPE.