When God Says, “Have it your way.”

It's something we don't often carefully consider. God's love for us in inexhaustible. But - there comes a time when, due to one's perpetual rebellion and telling God to ,in essence, "shove off," that God says, "Ok.  Have it your way."  And it's never pretty. We don't appreciate the protection God brings us until he … Continue reading When God Says, “Have it your way.”

“NOAH” (The Movie) – My take…..

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Always keep the following in mind when reading someone's (including my) review/commentary/opinion about a movie/a book/the Bible/anything: what you're reading is simply some guy's/gal's opinion - an opinion that is based on the writer's own world-views, convictions, & subjectivity. My son, Jordan, & I heard historian, Dr. Mike Licona (Ph.D) speak at TTU … Continue reading “NOAH” (The Movie) – My take…..