A Letter from Hell

“…and in Hades, being in torment, he lifted up his eyes…” (Luke 16:23)

A friend (actually a former youth of mine from the late 80’s) sent me a link to a video clip the other day. The name of the 6-minute video: “A Letter from Hell.”

Having seen my fair share of cheesy videos over the years, I wasn’t expecting much. But, after watching it, those low expectations evaporated. The video is not sensationalized (although the producer does take some dramatic license). However, the descriptions of hell are all exact phrases that Jesus, Himself, used to describe hell. The video is graphic and disturbing – which, I’m certain, was the intent of the producer.

The narrator who, both, introduces and follows up the letter, is Greg Steir, president of Dare 2 Share Ministries. I’ve met him. Solid guy. His heart passion is to tell the world about the gospel of Christ. Since Jesus included the topic of hell in the gospel, we must do the same.

For those who dismiss hell as mythology, or simply something made up in the “nutty” minds of Christians, all I know to say is this: In regard to “life after life”, either the Bible’s right, or not. If the Bible’s wrong, I lose nothing. If the Bible’s right, you lose everything. I wouldn’t wager against the reliability of the Bible.

Last thing – Jesus included His own “letter from hell” in a story He told in Luke 16:19-31. In Jesus’ story, the man who went to hell desperately wanted to contact people on earth – just like the fictitious teenager in the video. But, according to Jesus, there is no “outgoing mail” from hell – which, it appears, is part of the torment.

May this brief video clip (1) remind us afresh of the reality of hell, and (2) give us motivation & courage to tell our friends/family, etc. about Jesus Christ. The link to the video is below. Soli Deo Gloria, Nick

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