When Facts Don’t Matter

In a post-Christian/post-modern culture, facts don’t always matter. Michael Kruger writes, “C.S. Lewis captured this reality well in his book The Magician’s Nephew (part of his Narnia Chronicles). “While Narnia is a land filled with magic—where animals can talk and even sing—not all people can hear them. Indeed, Uncle Andrew cannot. “When the animals speak … Continue reading When Facts Don’t Matter

Should everyone be able to claim their own truth?

At the 2018 Golden Globe Awards Oprah Winfrey said, "What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have." "Your truth?" I heard Dr. Paul Copan speak at a conference held on the campus of a local university.  He is a brilliant philosopher and defender of the … Continue reading Should everyone be able to claim their own truth?

How do you know you’re not wrong?

Ever have those types of conversations at coffee shops or via social media? When dialoguing about worldviews (especially in today’s relativistic, “hey, whatever works for you” culture), some deep and reasonable thinking is required. Philosophy is hard.  It takes serious mental discipline. (My 'Philosophy of Religion' class, studying the works of Descartes, Hume, Nietzsche, and … Continue reading How do you know you’re not wrong?

The Bible: Our True North

In this social media/personal opinion driven culture we are in desperate need of truth. (Especially during election years.) “What is truth?”, Pilate asked Jesus. The great theologian, Foghorn Leghorn, used to say, “It’s more confusing than a termite in a yo-yo - which way is up?” Satan is a smooth operator. He usually includes a … Continue reading The Bible: Our True North