Should everyone be able to claim their own truth?

At the 2018 Golden Globe Awards Oprah Winfrey said,

“What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.”

Your truth?”

I heard Dr. Paul Copan speak at a conference held on the campus of a local university.  He is a brilliant philosopher and defender of the Christian faith.

He wisely – and logically – states,

“To say there is no (absolute, objective) truth for all people is to declare a truth for all people.”

In other words, a person who claims there is no universal truth is, themself, claiming a universal truth.  Hence, their claim/opinion is self-defeating.

Most Christians are either ill-equipped to stand up to the “truth is relative” philosophy, or just too scared to do so.

Watch the brief video clip below.  In less than 2 minutes, Copan gives us confidence, boldness and logic.

Veritas, Nick