The Hubris of Some Scientists

The hubris of some Scientists. Notice I did not say “the hubris of science”, but "scientists.”  Also, note that I said, "some scientists."  Because there are a host of scholars within the scientific disciplines who have professed their faith in Christ. (For one solid resource for finding scientists who have placed their faith in Christ, … Continue reading The Hubris of Some Scientists

Sabbath: Rediscovering the Rest of God

It’s an interesting hermeneutic.  Within the 10 Commandments, the only commandment that has taken on expanded nuance under the New Covenant is No. 4: “Remember the sabbath day, to keep it (set it apart as) holy.“ According to the Old Testament Law, the Sabbath was Saturday, which is why the followers of Jesus asked if … Continue reading Sabbath: Rediscovering the Rest of God


The Old Testament character, Samson, is a lesson in two overriding biblical principles. (His story is recorded in Judges 14-16) 1) We can waste our life if we want to. However,... 2) With God, it’s never too late to ‘come home’.  (Samson is among those listed in the ‘Hall of Faith’ in Hebrews 11.) Threaded … Continue reading Revenge

Christian Theology: What is it, exactly?

What is Christian theology? "Theology" simply means "the study of God." While some are vocational theologians, all Christians are theologians.  Paul's instructions to Timothy (and us) were a command, not a suggestion: Study and do your best to present yourself to God approved, a worker who has no reason to be ashamed, accurately handling and … Continue reading Christian Theology: What is it, exactly?