When you’re accused of being (fill in the blank)-phobic

Have you been accused of being transphobic, homophobic, xenophic, ad nauseum? Don't allow someone to bully you simply because you don't hold to the same opinion they do.  I continue to watch the "tolerant" be the most intolerant, bigoted, and hateful.  To them, free speech is only free when it's their opinion coming out of … Continue reading When you’re accused of being (fill in the blank)-phobic

Is Jesus Woke?

60-year-old Democratic candidate for Texas lieutenant governor, Matthew Dowd, made national news last November when he tweeted that Jesus would be accused of being woke today. Dowd’s tweet was precipitated by Democrat strategist, James Carville, blaming “stupid wokeness” for his party's surprising election defeat in Virginia in this past November's elections. Wow. Where do I … Continue reading Is Jesus Woke?