Duke University’s Hypocrisy

NOTE:  Just a few hours I published this blog, Duke backed out of their decision to implement the “call to prayer” for Muslims.  The link to news regarding their decision is at the bottom of this blog.  nw


Frankly, i have no problem whatsoever with Duke providing a “call to prayer” for their Muslim students & faculty.

What I have a problem with is their blatant hypocrisy. That’s what should tick people off – including Muslims.

This is the same school that removed Chick-fil-a from their campus due to Chick-fil-a’s biblical convictions.

This is also the same school that wanted to cancel a Pro-Life event to be held in their campus Women’s Center.

But, let’s take this to the next level – no one has to eat at Chick-fil-a if they don’t want to. No one would’ve been forced to attend the Pro-Life event if they didn’t want to. But, when that horn blows tomorrow at 1pm from the Duke Chapel, guess what – everyone on campus is going to have to listen to it.

Way to go, Duke.

Once again, the “tolerant” are, by far, the most intolerant.  Link to original decision:


Link to news regarding Duke’s decision to change their mind: