“Nick, How Many Children Do You Have?”

Saw this post today: “A person who loses their marriage partner is called a widow, or widower. A child who loses their parents is called an orphan. But there is no word to describe a parent who loses a child, because the loss is like no other.”

My dad died of alcoholism in 2000. He was 57. Certainly, this was painful for me. But, if I’ve heard it once since May, I’ve heard it 100 times: “Parents just aren’t supposed to bury their children.” I guess this is part of what makes the loss of a child unique.

It’s impossible to explain.

Recently, I was asked the inevitable for the first time since Jordan died: “Nick, how many children do you have?”  I felt like I was going to throw up.

Then, all of a sudden, I felt the Shepherd’s arms around me and i replied,  “I have THREE children. One lives in Nashville, one lives in Lubbock. And one lives in Heaven.”

And the most important thing is…..all THREE are still LIVING.


One thought on ““Nick, How Many Children Do You Have?”

  1. That’s exactly how I answer people!! Michael is more alive than me here on earth! Doesn’t stop the pain of my son not being here. I was blessed with having him for almost 27 years. Now I KNOW he is in heaven!

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