Hope Floats

I love the movie, “Hope Floats.” (1998; starring Sandra Bullock & Harry Connick, Jr.)

Hope really does change things. But, Hollywood didn’t discover this truth. This truth is ancient, finding its life-giving power in an “old rugged cross” and an empty tomb.

That said, I leave you with the following quote from “Melissa”, Dr. Frank Page’s book about his daughter who committed suicide just a few years ago:

“Hope will not disappoint…’ (Romans 5:5) ‘That’s why Paul could say to the Thessalonian faithful, after declaring to them the resolute power of hope: ‘Therefore encourage one another with these words.’ Because hope will carry us through. Hope tells us that God is still active and working in the lives of His people. Hope reminds us that even when all appears to be invisible silence from heaven, our God is still very real, still highly engaged, still moving quite capably and compassionately behind the scenes. Hope is what opens our eyes and ears to receive in full the loving expressions of our friends, the uplifting counsel of our various support systems, and even those unplanned moments when the Lord sends across our paths what the Bible calls ‘angels’ (Heb. 13:2) – touches of God that communicate His nearness and knowledge of us in the most unlikely of settings. We grieve. Oh, how we grieve. But not without hope.”

And that changes everything.

I love you all. Soli Deo Gloria.


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