Bitter or Better? (It’s up to You.)

Pain.  Disappointment. Betrayal. Suffering. We all experience it. None are immune to it. But, why do some emerge from pain differently than others?  Why do some go one to joyfully help others in their pain, while others grow bitter from their pain and die a slow death? “Many of the character traits that run deepest … Continue reading Bitter or Better? (It’s up to You.)

Moving at the Pace of God

It’s an interesting topic - time. The God of the Bible is timeless.  Spatio-temporal existence was created for you and me. Even more perplexing is that, although God could speak all events into existence immediately, he chooses to move according to the very laws of nature he, himself, created. For example, Jesus (God made flesh) … Continue reading Moving at the Pace of God

Life is Short: Don’t Miss it

A picture really does say a thousand words... What follows is a powerful scene from the 1991 film, Hook, with Robin Williams. Peter Pan has grown up to become a very successful business executive. However, success came at a cost. Peter (played by Williams) has long lost his childlike sense of dangerous wonder. Life is … Continue reading Life is Short: Don’t Miss it

My Least Favorite Book in the Bible

My favorite book in the Bible is the Psalms, with my favorite chapter in the Bible being Luke 15. But, then there’s the book of Judges. The book even begins with bad news: “After that generation died (the generation that followed the godly leadership of Joshua), another generation grew up who did not acknowledge the … Continue reading My Least Favorite Book in the Bible

The Agnosticism of Science

Don't let skeptics confuse you.  It's never "Science vs. Faith", rather it's "Science vs. Science."  The Christian faith may go beyond science, but it never contradicts it. Note the following quote from former atheist, Alister McGrath; Oxford; Ph.D. in Molecular Biophysics “Science is necessarily agnostic with respect to anything outside of the natural realm. It … Continue reading The Agnosticism of Science


There’s something about sin even Christians commonly forget about or ignore: consequences. After God miraculously liberated Israel from 400 years of Egyptian slavery they made what would become a costly, even fatal, decision to disobey God’s command to occupy the land he had promised them. The consequence? They spent 40 years on a journey that … Continue reading Consequences