“When the Mormons Come Knocking” – Sunday (5/4); 5pm

BIBLE LEARNING SERIES BHBC Worship Center – 54th & Slide - 5pm Teacher, Nick Watts; One session only. What this class will NOT be: (1) A time to bash or insult people of the Mormon faith. They are some of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. (2) An opportunity to learn all we can about … Continue reading “When the Mormons Come Knocking” – Sunday (5/4); 5pm

“Don’t Bring Black People”

Donald Sterling is the owner (for now) of the NBA Los Angeles Clippers. This past week, a recording of a conversation between Sterling and his almost-50-years-younger mistress surfaced, setting news networks, the sports world, and social media ablaze. Sterling has never professed to be a model of morality. But no one expected to hear what … Continue reading “Don’t Bring Black People”