Mary Jane: The Conversation Coming to Every Home in North America

“Mary Jane” is a euphemism for marijuana. (You already know that.)

“Mary Jane” is being welcomed across our country at an alarming rate. A recent Gallup Poll (link below) cited 58% of Americans now favoring the legalization of marijuana.

The link immediately below from USA Today is a solid “Q & A” article about the drug.

Presently, Colorado and Washington are the only two states allowing the sale of recreational marijuana, but I expect the number of states to steamroll ahead as nationwide acceptance of pot increases. Like the legalization of alcohol a hundred years ago, “undoing” the legalization of pot, I suspect, will be akin to trying to put toothpaste back into the tube. It’s just not gonna happen.

Why am I including this article? Because here’s the rub: when all the haze settles, teens are going to discover that marijuana is not necessarily worse than alcohol, a legal drug in all 50 states. For instance, a person who drives, having just used marijuana, is twice as likely to have an auto accident, while a person who drives at the minimum level of legal intoxication from alcohol is FIVE times more like to have an accident. (cited from the USA Today article)

The following conversation is coming to every home in North America that includes teens: “Dad, Mom – you drink. Why can’t I smoke pot? Drinking is as bad, or worse, than smoking pot.”

As one sheriff interviewed recently said, “I don’t have any religious convictions where pot is concerned. My reason for not wanting it legalized is this: the last thing I need on the streets is another legal intoxicant.”

For the Christian, the Bible is unmistakably clear: never allow your mind to be dulled or effected in any way by use of recreational drugs (this includes alcohol).  “Be sober minded,” Peter wrote.