What Atheists Wish Christians Knew About Them

In light of various quote/articles/thoughts i post regarding arguments for the existence of God, I thought this video clip was a wonderful resource for remembering that “atheists” are, first of all, people. And, in many way, just like you and me.

Neil Carter is a high school Geometry teacher, a tutor, a swim coach, a father of five children, and a skeptic living in the Bible Belt. A former church elder with a seminary education, Neil mostly writes now about the struggles of former evangelicals living in the midst of a highly religious subculture.

A year ago, Carter was invited to a church to be interviewed in front of their congregation. The video clip here is an excerpt from that interview. You will find he is kind, articulate, and personable. And he does not, in any way, believe in God, that the Bible is true, etc.

Watch the clip (it’s 15 minutes so you’ll need to wait until you have some time). And when he says things that are contrary to God’s Word, try not to roll your eyes, smirk, snicker, laugh, etc. Listen to him. Understand him. Try to see this man as Jesus would see him – as a person God deeply, deeply loves, and died for – a person God wants to reach. Then, when the video clip is over, pray for Neil. Pray he would know the love and power of the risen Christ.