A Theology of Sexuality

This evening (10/8) I have been invited to talk to our BHBC students about what the Bible says about homosexuality and how, according to the Bible, we, as believers, should respond. Having been a Youth Pastor for 24 years of my adult life, this won’t be the first time I’ve addressed this topic. But, our North American culture has shifted dramatically the past 20 years.  Clearly, there are few contemporary issues more popular – and divisive – in our nation.

This topic demands clarity where correctly handling the word of truth is concerned.  As a result, my study/essay is 9 pages in length.  I can tolerate a lot of things.  However, the re-writing of Scripture is not one of them.  (I address this in the study.)

Speaking out on this issue means one thing for certain:  you will be persecuted; you will be called names (homophobic, bigoted, etc.), you will be misunderstood.  But, I am not afraid.  Furthermore, I can hear Jesus saying, “Welcome to My world.”  (cf. Matthew 5:11-12)

You can access my study, “A Theology of Sexuality,” here:  A Theology of Sexuality – Watts – Oct 2014

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Soli Deo Gloria, Nick