Satan Waits at the Bottom of Every Mountain

In Mathew’s gospel, chapter 17, vss 1-13, we find recorded a “mountain-top experience” of Jesus: the “mount of transfiguration”. This is where Moses and Elijah appear before, and encourage, Jesus as He faces the final steps of His journey toward the cross. Matthew records that Jesus’ “face shone like the sun, and his clothes became as white as the light.” Jesus’ strength as a man had been renewed and refreshed.

Then….verse 14…

The very next verse following Jesus’ “mountain-top experience” we find Satan waiting patiently as Jesus is met by a demon-possessed boy.

Lesson to be learned (and re-learned here): Satan waits at the bottom of every “mountain-top experience.” If Satan had no interest in leaving Jesus alone, why on earth would we ever think Satan would leave us alone?