KJV vs. NIV: Don’t be Deceived by This Nonsense

The picture immediately below has been making the rounds on social media. 

Its message is fallacious, religious propaganda created to plant seeds of doubt regarding the reliability of modern English translations by those who woodenly – and ignorantly – believe the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible is the only reliable English translation of the Bible.

I have read three books by respected scholars on “how we got our English Bible.”  (If interested, you can investigate those resources here and here and here. Either would be a wonderful addition to your library.)

Before reading further, please watch this brief clip by renowned New Testament scholar, Dr. Bill Mounce, for easy-to-understand insight:

Additionally, please watch the 3-minute video below by another renowned New Testament scholar, Dr. Dan Wallace, regarding “variances” between various translations:

Finally, consider reading the articles I have linked for you here.  They are wonderful, informative resources.  You can access the articles here and here and a lengthier, more academic article here.

So, why would I make such a big deal out of this issue?

Because, as those who hold to the Christian faith – and, as such, proclaiming the Bible to be the sole source of Christian authority – we better be able to defend it.

Sola Scriptura, Nick