“Worship is no longer worship when it reflects the culture around us *more* than the Christ within us.” – A.W. Tozer I am a proponent of the ideal, “We have a never-changing message communicated via ever-changing methods.” Tozer’s quote here should not be interpreted in opposition to this ideal. Paul wrote, “Faith comes from hearing, … Continue reading Worshiptainment

With Friends Like You, Who Needs Enemies?

"What miserable comforters you are!" We'll get back to the above quote in a minute. The Old Testament character, Job, (rhymes with robe) was the subject of what one author describes as a 'cosmic wager' between God and Satan. Job, whom God himself had described as "blameless, a man of integrity", was offered to Satan … Continue reading With Friends Like You, Who Needs Enemies?

Jesus Was Neither White nor European

Rioters are wanting to tear down statues of Jesus because he is “white and European." Now, I understand some of the reasoning:  some churches have made Jesus white, republican and American.  This, sadly, is true.  But, it's the rare exception and certainly not the norm. Rioters, of course, themselves serving as judge and jury, have … Continue reading Jesus Was Neither White nor European