It’s Still the Cross

To paraphrase a line from our national anthem:

    “despite the hatred, pandemic and violence – the Cross is still there!”

In their letters to believers, both Paul and Peter used the phrase, “In way of reminder…”

Translation:  It’s easy to get distracted and forget what is true.  So, let me remind you of what is true.

That’s my goal here in this blog.

For those unaware, God is very much on his throne and mightily at work amidst the seeming chaos.

Like a master chess player, he is moving pieces into place globally, positioning this world for his return.

Christianity is exploding in nations such as Iran, India and China.

Christians in those countries can’t publicly celebrate Christ for risk of severe persecution, or worse, imprisonment and death.

But they are free to do so in the UK.

At the bottom of this blog is a music video that will lift your heart to heaven.

Stop for a few minutes and let our brothers and sisters from the UK ‘take you to church’  to remind you that God is quite in control, and at work all over our world.

As the song builds I am confident you will be as lifted up as I was. Using the benediction of Numbers 6:24-26, they remind us what is true.

Only the Cross – not politicians, revolutions, media, etc. – has the power to heal our land.  And if we focus too much on politicians, revolutions and media we can miss what God is doing throughout our world, right now.

Because of the Cross and the Empty Tomb, one day – every tribe, nation and tongue worshipping one God, the risen Christ, as one Body.

Come, Lord Jesus. Maranatha!