Jesus Was No Socialist

Mankind has never changed. 

The pharisees tried to make Jesus fit their agenda.  The zealots tried to make Jesus fit their agenda.  The Jews tried the same thing.  And so on, and so on, and so on.

So it is no surprise that socialists are trying to form-fit Jesus to their image.  To do so demonstrates self-righteousness and embarrassing biblical illiteracy.  Further, this is nothing new.  Hitler did the same thing.

This post has nothing to do with politics, but with rightly handling the word of truth.

I stumbled upon this article.   It’s short, informative and biblically sound. From the article:

Jesus taught people to be of generous spirit, to care for their families, to help the poor, to assist widows and orphans, to exhibit kindness, and to maintain the highest character. You can translate all that into the dirty business of coercive, vote-buying, politically driven redistribution schemes only if you read the Bible without pay­ing attentionor if you’re willing to distort Jesus’s teachings to advance a political agenda.

Read the article here.

Solus Christus, Nick