What Price Are You Willing to Pay for Biblical Truth?

A Nugget of Truth from this past week’s time of Learning:  John 8-9

What price are you willing to pay to stand up for biblical truth?

Take the two most combustible issues of the day:  sexuality & the rights of the unborn.

Are you willing to pay the price for biblical truth?  It will cost you friends, prestige and status.  How can we be sure of this?

That’s what it cost Jesus.  And much more.

In 1945, only days before the end of the war in Nazi Germany, Deitrich Bonhoeffer was standing trial because he refused to shrink from biblical truth.  Below is from the memoirs in the introduction to his classic, The Cost of Discipleship:

He was then executed.

In 1521, the reformer, Martin Luther, stood before the most powerful man in the land.  Told to recant his commitment to biblical truth or risk arrest, or even death, Luther made his famous statement:

Immediately pursued for assassination, Luther became an outlaw and was confined to isolation at the Wartburg Castle in Eisenach, Germany.

We sometimes contemplate dying for our faith.  The more unsettling question is, “Are you willing to live for it?”

Jesus did both.

And Jesus says to us, “As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you.”

Sola Scriptura, Nick