America & the Supernatural

I sat in a seminar once led by sociologist/author, Tony Campolo. One of the things he said really struck me, making me think deeply about what he said:

“America is not necessarily a Christian nation. But – it is a deeply spiritual nation.” – Tony Campolo, Ph.D.

One proof of this is the success of tv shows dealing with the paranormal such as ghost hunting and mediums.  This genre of television entertainment is so common nowadays it appears American can’t get enough of it.

On the religious/spiritual nature of our North American culture, philosopher, Paul Copan, writes:

“People saying they have no religion just means they have no church – not that they’re irreligious (non-spiritual). According to Gallup Polls, 4 percent of Americans were atheists back in 2007 – the same percentage as in 1944! Rumors of God’s death have been greatly exaggerated.” – Paul Copan, Ph.D.; Is God a Moral Monster? Making Sense of the Old Testament God

The data continues to tell us that the vast majority of people are deeply spiritual, albeit not necessarily Christian.  But, this is wonderful news since it means the heart of most people are more receptive to conversations about the supernatural which, in turn, easily opens up opportunities to visit about the Bible.

Based on data, we live in a nation ripe for discussion about “something beyond” the physical realm.  One question I like to ask is, “When we die, what do you think is on the other side?”  This may not lead to an immediate discussion about God or the Bible.  But, it does open the door to future visits where they may be open to such topics.

Just (soul) food for thought, Nick