From Morocco With Love

A year ago (July, 2012), Jordan & I accompanied my friend (and fellow pastor here at BHBC), Mike Lewis, to Morocco. Mike has been working with these wonderful people for a number of years. Last year, we had an amazing trip getting to know the people, building relationships with them, and praying for them. Jordan, especially, connected with many of them.

There are six photos below.  This first is of Jordan in our room, shortly after arriving in Morocco.  The next three pic’s are what I’ll remember most.  Mike asked Jordan, who was studying art in college, if he would be open to drawing portraits of the Moroccan people.  Jordan said, “Sure!”  Mike announced it to the people.  As you can see, the initial interest was limited.  But, after Jordan drew the first portrait the people came in droves!  They LOVED the portraits.  Jordan drew around 100 portraits. 

The last two pictures are from this past summer, 2013, after Jordan had passed away.  When Mike was finishing up his most recent trip to Morocco the people presented him with the gift you see below. It’s a tapestry they hand-wove with a photo of Jordan on it from last year’s trip. The photo is along side a picture of their beautiful city. Mike presented our family with this gift after he returned to the states. The embroidered inscription (they stitched in English) says, “Forever in our mind.” The last photo is one Mike took of these amazing people after they’d presented him with the tapestry.  nw

Jordan - Morocco tripJordan - Morocco trip - drawing picturesJordan - Morocco trip - drawing pictures - 1Jordan - Morocco trip - drawing pictures - 2Jordan - Morocco - tapestry - wide angleJordan - Morocco - tapestry - photo of moroccan people

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