“For Narnia….”

I wrote this the early morning of Jan. 21st….

For Narnia…

My friends, in a few hours I will begin the first of three speaking sessions on the topic of Depression.

Having been invited to speak at today’s Region 17 Summit Conference (for regional high school students), to be held at the Lubbock Civic Center. I am, quite frankly, nervous.

But,…early this morning I looked up into the cold, star-speckled sky and found myself whispering, “This is for you, Jordan.”

Now in Paradise, whole and depression-free, I know Jordan would never want any one – friend or foe – to be caught in the wake of that hideous “ship” called suicide.

So,.. today, please partner with me in praying that Christ will use me (a most fallible vessel) to get someone’s attention and, using the tragedy that visited the Watts home, perhaps prevent it from visiting someone else’s.

“For Narnia!” is a phrase from the genius of C.S. Lewis. Jordan, a huge fan of Lewis and a lover of adventure, used this phrase often to represent, “For Jesus!…for heaven!….for adventure!….for battle!, etc.” So, with this in mind, I go over my notes one last time….for Narnia!

Soli Deo Gloria, Nick