In the Absolute Worst of Circumstances…He Is There

The title of this blog is clear throughout Scripture. From Moses to Joshua to Gideon to Esther to David, and on and on the list goes…

Allow me to cite just one example: Paul.

The man who would end up authoring most of our New Testament.

By the time we reach Acts 27, Paul has been beaten, imprisoned, persecuted, hated, his face plastered on a Jewish “Wanted Poster” for the remainder of his earthly life.

But, throughout his journey with Christ, Paul learns over and over again: he’s not alone. “I will never leave you nor abandon you,” God says.

Finally, in Acts 28, Paul, en route to Rome to stand before Caesar, almost dies due to to, first, drowning due to a shipwreck; second, starvation; and, third, being bitten by a poisonous snake. You would think God would “let up” on Paul at some point.

But, God, in His grace chooses to unleash His power within the weak, the hurting, the confused, the spent – “in our weakness, we are strong,” Paul would later write.

In Acts 28, amidst Paul’s seemingly never-ending pain, God doesn’t merely “show up” – He’s been there all along. And, through Paul, He heals a chief’s family member as well as many other inhabitants of the island on which Paul has been shipwrecked.

Do you feel as though you’re drowning, starving for air, confused, lost, hurting deeply, angry, lonely, etc? Don’t be afraid; Jesus is whispering to you, “I’ve got this. Trust Me.”

That’s the way He worked through Paul. It’s the way He still works through His children today.

Be encouraged, my friends.