“The Case for Christ” Movie Review

I admit it.  I’m a Christian, but when I see another “Christian” movie headed for the silver screen I get a little squeamish.  Why?  Because I’ve seen too many of them where the script is shallow, the plot is idealistic, Christianity is portrayed as cliche’, etc…you get the picture.  But then I saw PureFlix’s The Case for Christ.

It was the best Christian-themed movie I have seen to date. Powerfully directed and acted.

I was particularly interested in seeing it for two reasons:

Is the purpose of the movie to convince the audience that Christ did, indeed, rise from the dead? Sure – it’s a Christian-themed film.

But, not once does the movie insult the intelligence of the audience. While Strobel, using his experience as an investigate reporter for the Chicago Tribune, painstakingly investigates the evidence for Christ’s resurrection (for the sole purpose of proving Christianity to be a farce) he asks the same intelligent questions any non-believer/skeptic would ask.

Furthermore, not once does the movie make the claim that the resurrection can be 100% proven. What is clear, though, from Strobel’s investigation is that the evidence for the resurrection is overwhelming. But even then, the movie makes no attempt to coerce the viewer into belief.  Instead, echoing former renowned atheist, Antony Flew, the movie simply presents the evidence and then invites the audience to “follow the evidence where it leads.”  (Prior to his death in 2010, Flew discarded his atheistic worldview confessing that, based on the evidence, God must exist.  His intriguing story can be found in his 2007 book, There is a God: How the World’s Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind.)

Finally – and I’m thrilled this was stated in the movie– sure, Christianity requires faith (“For by grace are you saved through faith,” Paul wrote), but make no mistake, so does atheism.

One final thought – one nanosecond after we die we will know for certain whether or not the Bible is true. The evidence strongly argues it is. If you’ve never honestly considered the claims of Christ this movie is a good place to start

Soli Deo Gloria, Nick