What do the ‘Other Guys’ have to say?

You’ve, no doubt, heard (whether you’ve wanted to, or not) of the leaders of contemporary atheistic thought.  They spend their time assaulting any and all claims of the Christian faith – and have sold millions of books doing so.  They’re loud and, as such, receive the lion’s share of media attention.  But, what do the other guys have to say?  Are there Christian scholars of the various disciplines of science who would disagree with the militant atheists?  Oh, there are many.

For instance,…

The neo-atheists, so belligerently hostile to the Christian faith, along with ‘internet atheists’ whose arguments are embarrassingly fallacious, can be quite intimidating to the modern-day Christians since, rather than having interest in civil and respectful discourse, they enjoy assaulting anyone’s character brave enough to offer an opposing opinion.

As these ‘evangelists for atheism’ bombard the air waves with a message that equates the Christian faith with being a village idiot, it’s encouraging for Christians to know there are thousands of scholars, both now and throughout history, who have, for good reason, chosen to place their faith in Christ.  They applied their critical thinking to the evidence for and against theism.  Then, they bravely considered the words of Plato’s Socrates: “follow the evidence wherever it leads.”  The evidence led every one of them to placing their faith in the risen Christ.

Here is a 6-minute video containing brief comments from all of the scholars listed above.  You can view the video clip here.

As an added bonus, below is 7-minute video about how God used cosmology to bring once-hostile-atheist, Lee Strobel, to faith in Christ.